About Us

We are a small business looking forward to trying out new things and seeing where is path takes us. We are an ever-changing company and will continue to update and evolve as we progress as a new business. All our products will come with a CLP label (if applicable) and Waxy Elephant has insurance for our products and public liability for events.


We are a cruelty-free, Vegan and eco-conscious company and we keep these free in mind when making any decisions. 


This means we will always do our best to keep waste down, from the equipment we use to the tape we seal our boxes with. The reason we say eco-conscious is because every company can do better and find ways to become more eco-friendly through every business decision made.

Our aim is to provide amazing wax melts with minimal plastic, too many wax melt companies use plastic pots and shells for convenience as it can be poured in a left.

At Waxy Elephant all of our products come in biodegradable &/or fully recyclable materials and we will never use plastic pots.


If at any point you have a concern or information about a product we use then please contact us so we can look into and rectify our mistake. We are only human and can only get better with the help of others.


I have dyslexia, and proud of it, you may notice mistakes on this website as a result. If you find any let us know here and I will aim to rectify them.