Brand Rep Ts&Cs

By accepting the product sent by Waxy Elephant you agree to the below Terms & Conditions.

1. Waxy Elephant reserves the right to withdraw the Brand Rep program in part or complete at any time without notice or reason.

2. If a brand rep does not meet the following requirements then they will be terminated from the program.

    2.1 The rep/s must post at least two pictures a month

    2.1 The photo/written content must be to a good quality

3. Waxy Elephant reserves the right to withdraw any rep if the content posted is not of satisfactory quality

4. Waxy Elephant reserves the right to withdraw any rep if engagement/discount codes is not satisfactory quantity

5. Brand Rep's reserve the right to leave the program without notice or reason but will be liable to a charge if products have been received but no post made the products sent. If the requirement set out in section 2 are met then no charge will be applicable.

6. All post must be posted in accordance with ASA CAP and CMA UK rules and regulations.

    6.1 All post by Brand rep must be posted as sponsored

    6.2 All post must contain the hashtag "ad"

    6.3 If asked the brand rep must be clear that the product/products provided by Waxy Elephant where gifted in exchange for a promotional post/review of the product.

7. Waxy Elephant gifted product must not be used to promote another company without the prior consent of Waxy Elephant.

Waxy Elephant reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, Brand reps will be notified and given the choice to continue or withdraw the partnership with the program