5% of each sale goes to Born Free an amazing charity that rescues, campaigns for and protects thousands of wild animals around the world. 


Every donation helps raise money for them to run campaigns and projects, like challenging the world's trade of in wild animals for their products such as ivory and rhino horns. And ending captive animals suffering and exploitation.


The T's and the Cs

Waxy Elephant has the right to withdraw fundraising at any time without notice, All monies raised will be donated to the selected cause unless that cause is been found to be not trustworthy in which case a new charity will be chosen for the donations to be given to. Waxy Elephant will always ensure regardless of the reason fundraising has been withdrawn that charity will receive all monies raised.

Waxy Elephant will make payments of the total raised to the chosen charity on the last Monday of every month. If not enough has been raised then that will be added onto the next months total. Waxy Elephant will keep a running total on its Instagram page and on our website for clarity.