Baby Powder Heart Pot

Our baby powder fragrance oil is a powdery and delicately soft floral fragrance with notes of fresh pink rose, warmer lily and a suggestion of smooth, soothing vanilla.


Our Heart Pots contain 100g of mini hearts, I recommend around 8 hearts for a burner ( One heart is approx 1-2gs) 


Baby Powder Heart Pot

  • CLP


  • Eco-Friendly

    This comes in a compostable pot, add me to your composite or garden waste bin. 

    Say No To Plastic Pots! #dontbuyplastic

  • Disclaimer

    Heart pots will contain a min of 100Gs of wax excluding pot and labels

    Colours and scents may differ due to the small-batch process. All melts are made to the same amount of fragrance. We can not guarantee the pattern. Any scents that with a name-similar is only inspired by and not endorsed by the brand.