Blueberry & Vanilla Snap Bar

Blueberry & Vanilla is a sweet, mouth-watering blueberry accord with nuances of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant on a substantive base of vanilla.

Blueberry & Vanilla Snap Bar

Melt Type
  • CLP

    Contains ETHYL METHYLPHENYLGLYCIDATE, TRANS-ROSE KETONE-2. May produce an allergic reaction.

  • Eco-Friendly

    The entire packaging is fully biodegradable, as it decomposes in just 10 weeks. Addition of a zip lock means you can keep in the freshness of your melts. Place this bag in your composter so that it can properly decompose.

    Say No To Plastic Pots! #dontbuyplastic

  • Disclaimer

    Colours and scents may differ due to the small-batch process. All melts are made to the same amount of fragrance. We can not guarantee the pattern. Any scents that with a name-similar is only inspired by and not endorsed by the brand. 

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