CLP Rectangle 45.7x25.4mm

Custom CLP Labels, you get 40 stickers per sheet. Please note that these are not big enough to fit all information required so we have the option to add on a "Warning" sheet as well, this is perfect if you have two different scents in one pot as you can use one Warning sticker on the front with a CLP of each scent on the back. 


Please fill in all the information below to comply with CLP regulations.

You have the option to have the batch number pre-printed or for a space to write/stamp the number yourself (this is preferred as you can then use the stickers across multiple batches)

You are welcome to change the text on the label please just let us know when placing the order please select yes to change text and we will email you asking for what you would like added. 

CLP Rectangle 45.7x25.4mm

Batch No.
Change Text
Add in Warning Labels

Returns are only accepted if the product is faulty (arrived damaged / bad printing colour) If the item is not custom made then returns will be accepted without reason.